A Via Ferrata is a sports itinerary that runs through rocky walls that are equipped to facilitate progression by means of steps, pegs, ramps, handrails, staples, cable and in general all kinds of elements that guarantee your safety.

It is an activity that is halfway between hiking and climbing.

It is made for those to whom a simple walk in the mountains is not enough, but climbing gives too much respect or considers that they are not sufficiently prepared.

These routes marked with pins, chains, etc. usually take you through places of great height. Choose an appropriate route to your physical and psychological possibilities or experience in the matter. The security is provided by a steel cable installed throughout the route and the harness provided with a force dissipator and carabiners that secure you in case of fall.

Fuente Godalla

A beautiful, very well equipped via ferrata, with a very entertaining journey with some fun little aerial crashes.

You will enjoy its 70 m long zip line, or if you do not dare with the zip line, there is a 20 m rappel to make your descent and go to the next section where there is a beautiful tibetan bridge to finish our route. then, we will do a short hiking route to take us back to the starting point.


Location: Enguera

Level: K2 (ideal for beginners and families)

Duration: 3-4 hours

2 - 3 people
50 €person
4 o+ people
45 €person


A beautiful via ferrata very well equipped, extremely steep walls and lots of fun.

It has a tibetan bridge at a significant height.

After passing the bridge comes a wall with a very steep wall that leaves some beautiful images and takes us to its top of a height of 1000 meters above sea level.

with a ranking of k4 165m course with 130 m of altitude, is an advanced level that will require you to be somewhat physically fit.


Loction: Andilla

Level: K4 MD

Duration: 3-4 hours

2 - 3 people
60 €person
4 o + people
55 €person


This ferrata is an absolute vertical path and to access it we will have to hike a little, about 20m. once on it, you will pull adrenaline to overcome this 90m vertical wall without any rest. once at the top, a hiking route will lead us back to the starting point.


Location: Xátiva

Level: K3 MD

Duration: 2-3 hours

2 - 3 people
45 €person
4 o + people

– Technical equipment for the activity per person.
-Certified mountain sports and climbing sports technician guide.
-Accident insurance.

Transport, accommodation, food.
Any service used and not specified in the INCLUDED section.
In case you need any of these services, please ask for information.

– Comfortable and light clothing
– Footwear such as trainers/ hiking boots
– Sun protection cream
– Picnic lunch and drinks
– If you wear glasses you will need goggle holders.


For more information or to inquire about larger groups, you can contact us by filling in the form.

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