This course is for people with little experience in canyoning and wants to be independent in the descents of ravines of little difficulty, both dry or with water, in which you can find jumps, slides and rappels.


To know the basic techniques of progression in both vertical and horizontal ravines.

To learn the basic maneuvers of rappelling assembly and different ways of rappelling.

To know the different materials that we will find in the ravines.

Action protocols in a ravine accident.

Personal equipment

Collective team

Grading of the technical difficulty of canyoning.

Basic knots will use in canyoning.

Ropeless and rope progression


Security protocol

Tools grading

The course lasts two days, with theoretical and practical classes, with two ravines of average descents.

Technical material for the course (helmet, wetsuit, harness, carabiners, descender, anchor line, rope)

Trainers, professional canyoning guides and canyoning guide sports technicians.

Accident insurance. 

PDF course.


Nothing that is not in the previously mentioned.

Knowing how to swim is essential.

Each student must bring sports shoes, a swimsuit, towel, food and water for each day.

1-2 people € 160

3-4 people € 130

5-6 people € 110


* prices indicated per person

If you need more information about our course introduction to canyoning, please contact us by any means or fill in the attached form. we will contact you as soon as possible.

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