Barranco Gorgo de la escalera

THE “BARRANCO DEL GORDO DE LA ESCALERA”, is perfect for beginners and it is located in Anna (Valencia). 

This ravine is ideal for those who wish to start and know if they will want more later on. The route has 3 rappels, jumps and downhills with crystal clear Waters and very Deep. It is a lot of fun while we do it in the morning or afternoon and it’s unbelievable beautiful.

Water outlook: Aquatic, the canyon usually has water all year round. Depending on the month, the beginning of the ravine may not have water, but from the second rappel, it is already absolutely aquatic.

Location: Anna (Valencia)
Nivel: Beguinner

Rappel: 8 m/ 6m/ 25m

All our activities are of similar groups of people for better fun.

3 - 8 people
50 €person
8 a 14 Years

Barranco Cueva del Turche

The aquatic ravine is located in Valencia, Buñol, more famous for the Tomatina. One of the most beautiful ravines in the province of Valencia even on a national level. Its famous «Cueva de Turche» with 31m of rappelling, its caves, and its siphoned passages make it one of the essentials for lovers of Canyoning.

The medium level canyon will put your adrenaline to the top with an impressive canyon finish.

Location: Buñol (Valencia)
Nivel: Medio

Highest Rappel: 35m

2 / 3 people
4 o + people
55 €person

Barranco Nacimiento

Situated in Millares, “El Nacimiento” is one of those water ravines with large verticals that surprises you. All the rappels are beautiful, made of limestone tuffs and travertines that set the descent, as most of the waterfalls with green mosses and lichens.

Five rappels, a spectacular 65 meter known as “El Monstruo” and a great water-slide make it one of the ravines in Valencia that you won’t want to stop doing.

Location: Millares (Valencia)
Nivel: Alto

Highest Rappel: 65m

2/6 people
65 €person

Barranco Otonel

This water ravine located in an incomparable and wonderful setting. It can be divided into two differentiated parts, which can be done in an Integral way or its Lower part. It is made of limestone tuffs and travertines that set the descent as most of the waterfalls are lined with green mosses and lichens, another ravine with large verticals, consists of 6 rappels that has its longest rappels one of 60m and 40m, also jumps and slides.

Location: Otonel (Valencia)
Nivel: Alto

Highest Rappel: 60m

2/6 people



– Technical equipment for the activity per person.


-Certified mountain sports and climbing sports technician guide.


-Accident insurance.



Transport, accommodation, food.


Any service used and not specified in the INCLUDED section.


In case you need any of these services, please ask for information.




– Swimming costume


– Comfortable and light clothing


– Comfortable, light and adherent footwear


– Sun protection cream


– Picnic food and drink


– If you wear glasses you need a glasses-holder


For more information or enquiries about larger groups please contact the following form.

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